Brown puppy being held in hands
Brown puppy being held in hands

We’re Missing a GOLDEN Opportunity

Problems such as house soiling, chewing, barking, aggression, anxiety, fear and hyperactivity can be prevented with basic training and early socialization. From birth to ~12 weeks old we can positively and permanently impact temperament with less effort than is possible at any other point in their life. But by the time puppies and kittens go home with their new owners, this window of time is almost over! This is where fosters and breeders have a golden opportunity. By exposing young puppies and kittens to positive, new experiences (early socialization) we can literally change the structure of their brains making them better able to deal with stress. And by providing an environment that encourages appropriate household manners (basic training), we can teach the fundamental skills needed to succeed in their new home.

A small investment up front will pay huge dividends in adulthood

Behavior problems are the #1 cause of surrenders to shelters and death in dogs under 3 years old in the U.S. * Surrendering a pet to a shelter is heartbreaking and stressful for everyone involved, human and animal alike. And even if a family is able to manage their pet’s aggression, fear, etc. their life together will never be what it could have been.

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Newborn puppy in hands

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Want My Worry Free Whelping Guide?

Learn what to expect and how to help so you can relax and enjoy your puppies being born with this free 17 page download

Want My Worry Free Whelping Guide?

Learn what to expect and how to help so you can relax and enjoy your puppies being born with this free 17 page download

Woman holding blonde puppy

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