Socialization Videos

Puppies' First Snow

Puppy Socialization with Dr. Ian Dunbar

Puppy Socialization: Introducing 10 Puppies to Chickens

Puppy Socialization: Field Trips

Puppy Socialization: Handling 20 Day Old Puppies

Adventure Walk - Maggie and her 10 puppies

How dog breeders can create the perfect puppy with Ian Dunbar

How breeders and owners can housetrain dogs before they go to their new homes!

How to socialize puppies (Neonates) during the first two weeks of life

Fostering Videos

Foster Puppy Setup - Bedroom, Bathroom and Play Area

Foster Field Trips: A Gateway to Community Engagement in Getting Pets Adopted - webcast

Meet Ellen the Dog and Her Foster Home!

Bringing Your Foster Cat Home - flash class

Power Hour: March into a Fabulous Foster Program!